Consulting Services

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities that have the highest impact on shareholder value. We bring deep functional expertise in:
• Strategic Business Planning
• Growth and Expansion Strategies
• Value Creation and Exit Strategies

Strategic Business Planning

Profitable growth is a fundamental driver of shareholder value. Developing effective business strategies that reliably meet or exceed the market's expectations for growth is the key to delivering superior long-term shareholder returns. Successful strategic planning processes are the result of executive commitment, hard work, and a well-defined approach.

We believe that there are four phases to successful strategic planning process:
• Phase I - Building the foundation for value-creating strategies
• Phase II - Implementing strategic planning processes
• Phase III - Developing strategy support systems
• Phase IV - Aligning the organization via strategic programming

Growth and Expansion Strategies

GEM Strategy Management, Inc. has significant subject matter expertise in helping clients identify the best growth and expansion strategies to reach their financial goals and begin the climb to the next level of success.

Our team takes you through a four phase process that is complete and thorough.
• Phase I - Market Insights and Business Intelligence
• Phase II - Organic and Inorganic Growth Options
• Phase III - Preparing You to Attract Growth Capital from Investors
• Phase IV - Negotiating the Best Terms of the Investment with the Investor

Value Creation and Exit Strategies

To attract an investor for your business, (whether it is growth capital or selling your business), it is important to plan and prepare for 12 to 24 months (and sometimes longer) ahead of going to the investor market place. GEM Strategy Management, Inc. can help you in the process by preparing you to "stand out" among the many options that buyers will have over the next decade.

If you are planning to sell your business, please click on the Value Creation and Exit Strategy section of the website to capture additional insight into what lies ahead for business owners selling their businesses.

GEM Strategy Management, Inc. consultants examine potential value creating strategies through its Strategic Business Planning Processes and its Growth and Expansion Strategy processes to identify value creation opportunities. More often than not there are some value creation strategies to be considered.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our subject matter expertise spans a broad spectrum of key performance areas including:
• Merger & Acquisitions
• Post-Acquisition Integration
• Due Diligence
• Quality of Earnings Study
• Quick Investment Analysis Decision Modeling
• Preparing Companies for Attracting Growth Capital
• Preparing Companies to Sell
• Deal Structuring and Negotiation
• Management Buy Outs
• Macro Trends Analysis
• Organizational Alignment
• Transaction Execution
• Investment Performance Tracking
• Capital Formation & Debt Structuring
• Joint Ventures and Alliances
• Divestitures and Dispositions
• Private Equity, Direct Investors, Co-Investors & Foreign Investors
• Profit, Asset & Operational Improvement
• Sophisticated Financial Modeling, Financial Analysis, and Pro Formas
• Predictive Modeling
• Target Market Identification
• Competitive Analysis
• Sales Channel Analysis
• Channel Partner analysis
• Business Opportunity Analysis
• Business Development
• Sales Force Management
• Product-Line Development and Brand Positioning
• Product Trials, Pilot Plans, and Test Marketing
• Customer Experience and Loyalty Modeling
• Brand Building Architecture
• Market Research, (Qualitative and Quantitative)
• Market Segmentation and Analysis
• Advertising Effectiveness Measurement
• Outsourcing for Interim CEO and Board Member Positions
• Executive C-Suite Coaching; Board Advisory; Corporate Operation’s Review & Analysis