“How do I know when my strategic planning process is working to maximum effect?”

We are often asked this question. Often we find that the answer by asking ourselves the following questions.
1. Are we making the “numbers” consistently?
2. Are the numbers being made based on the strategic plan, or are they being made for other reasons?
3. Does the “culture” of the organization embrace the strategic planning process or is it another “chore” to be completed by a certain date? Remember, as Peter Drucker said, “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.”
4. Is there alignment throughout the organization to the strategic plan?
5. Are the resources and infrastructure in place to support the strategic plan?
6. When is the last time that you have had your strategic planning process audited, analyzed and bench marked “Best in Class” standards?

“How can I be sure that we are growing our company with the right strategies?”

The best companies today use the latest analytic tools and technology to speed up and support the planning process. We use sophisticated analytic techniques including structural equation modeling and build predictive modeling simulators, use artificial intelligence and neural networks to validate which among several growth strategies will be the most effective in the market place – shortening the planning process considerably. Simulators can be built for individual managers so they can measure their individual or business unit performance instantly and continuously. The newest technology incorporates predictive responses from your major competitors.

Leading companies develop a culture promoting the use of information technology in the strategic planning process. The top companies use information technology to “de-layer” interaction between hierarchical levels and to cross organizational boundaries.

IT resources provide shared tools to manage the planning and growth process timeline and activities, support decision making, provide online documentation of the strategy and communicate the finalized plan.

“How do I find investment capital to help grow my firm?”

It has been our experience that most companies do not plan for growth capital early enough in the growth and expansion period of their companies. Often they under estimate both the amount of capital they need and the amount of time that it takes to realize their financial goals. As a result, they are not prepared to approach investors because they do not have a well-conceived growth plan and they have not thought through an exit plan for the investors.

GEM Strategy Management, Inc. takes you through a process to prepare your company and your management team to “think” like an investor. The process leads you through a holistic process to prepare you for the investor market place. By the end of the process, you will have gone through a robust due diligence process, created a strong growth plan with realistic financials and developed an exit plan for your investors. This process is the first step in successfully raising capital.

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